Founder and President

Seán is the Founder and President of cum.what.may,

He is also an Executive Lifestyle Coach and Mentor, Angel Investor and Philanthropist. He supports fellow Founders, C-Level Executives and Business Leaders taking their Personal and Business lives to the next level.

Sean is passionate about creating change by curating environments which lead to self-empowerment. Sexuality has been a core area of growth for him over the past three years. 



Yuna is a Creative Mentor, Wild Woman Facilitator & Shamanic Healing Musician, having spent most of her adult life combining her passion of personal development, healing & music. Trained as a 500hr Yoga Teacher, meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, Sound Healing Practitioner, Certified Health Coach (IIN), and Sexuality Practitioner. Yuna co-founded The Retreat Collection in 2014 and continues to facilitate retreats worldwide.

Through her work & art, she ignites people to embody their purpose, awaken their power & sexuality and become open channels of inspiration & creativity

Steve Shiva

Vice President

Steve Shiva is Cum What May’s President of Vice, a father of 2, an empowerment and embodiment coach and the founder of Notorious Hearts Coaching and Counselling and Man-In Retreats and Workshops. The essence of his work is always the same – fostering human transformation through ruthless authenticity, diverse psychological, sexual, embodiment and holistic modalities.

Through cultivating and curating relational spaces where everything is welcome, and where the dark and the light can be embraced, owned and embodied, Steve Shiva invites full integration of the whole human being. He works with men, women, adolescents and everyone in between, of all capabilities and cultures, in groups as well as individually, tailoring transformational retreats, programs and workshops that empower everyone to live totally, playfully and most important of all, authentically.

Maya Magdalena


Maya Magdalena is a feminine embodiment guide, mystic seer and shamanic sexual somatic bodyworker, supporting you on your journey to freedom, embodied presence and erotic innocence.

She has been studying at various modern days mystery schools, dedicated to Soul initiation, cosmology, mysteries of the body and deep feminine mysteries and over last year integrating trauma informed modalities into her work.

She is passionate about breaking taboos, changing the way we treat our bodies and each other, paths of freedom and ecstatic human nature. The ritual is where she feels at home the most.

What she offers comes as synthesis of a decade of seeking, healing, studying and learning, transforming her own life at first – from trauma and disconnection to trust and pleasure.

Roni Averashi


Roni Averashi is a certified somatic therapist, dedicated to men´s work, relating and a path of living an authentic, loving and transparent life. Music is his medicine and for many years he was one of the musicians in a group who guided plant medicine journeys.

Over last 2 years he has graduated Somamystica, studied Sacred Sexuality, studied and assisted at ISTA trainings and at “Emergence” – men’s work groups.

He loves seeing people expressing their vulnerability, heart´s melting and shields falling down.
He has a big heart himself and loves to explore new depths of love and truth.

He lives in Ibiza, together with his partner Maya and is a father of 2.



For the last 2 decades Karen has facilitated people to regulate their nervous system, self-empower and radically self-accept.

Since 2005 she has integrated & provided therapeutic tools such as acupuncture & many modalities of bodywork in various settings.

In 2013, she followed a calling to social care, and specialised as a Clinical Behaviour Practitioner, working with neurodivergent individuals. She trained staff in trauma-informed approach, nervous system co-regulation whilst advocating for the rights of full expression for people of various abilities.

Empowerment and sexual self-expression has been a running theme throughout these various paths, from de-stigmatising STI’s, providing accurate sexual health information, relationship/ communication skills, sex education and releasing shame.

Alex Mischka


Alex Mischka is an Embodied Menswork, Sex, Intimacy and Personal Growth Coach. He resides on the island of Ibiza & alongside supporting clients within his range of 1:1 containers, he facilitates workshops & retreats in the fields of menswork & intimacy.

He is a certified Menswork Facilitator, Erotic Blueprints Coach, & Breathwork Coach, alongside a host of other studies with leaders in the fields of authentic relating, nervous system regulation & embodied transformation.

He helps people end their relationship chaos & sexual blocks to embrace an epic life of deeper connection.

He guides men to become stronger leaders & lovers, & guides women to explore their innate designs in intimacy, & also guides couples through their relationship & sexual landscapes.’

JotePrakash Singh Khalsa


My name is JotePrakash Singh Khalsa but I used to be called Tom.

I am an Inspiro Awakening Guide, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a Musician, a Writer and a Ritual Space Holder and have been holding space for 5 years now.

My mission is to provide humanity with a completely wholistic route to connection with the Divine Creative Flow by creating Sacred Spaces attuned to deep, authentic joy and Truth.

I believe that sustainable happiness can only come from a healthy balance of Self-Love, surrender and boundaries.

I have a deep love for dancing, music, chanting and taking my clothes off and jumping into freezing cold rivers.