Our aim is to sit over 100,000 people in Circle!


Our Circles are, and will always be, free to join.

What is a Circle?

Circles have been used in ancient traditions for millenia. Participating in a sharing circle offers you a transformative experience, providing a unique opportunity for emotional support, connection, and personal growth. 

Through active listening and respectful communication, you will have the opportunity to share your story and express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. All in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 

At cum.what.may, our circles are specific towards sexuality with each Circle having a sexuality related topic to explore.

Even if you haven’t had sex, you have a story to share. Nobody is too experienced or inexperienced to be in Circle, therefore everyone is welcome.

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Every Circle may be completely different from each other, however this is a potential outline:
  • Short introduction from each person in Circle
  • Agreements (see below)
  • Meditation & Introduction to Topic
  • Sharing Rounds
  • Closing


When – Every Fortnight on Tuesday

First Circle – March 1st 2022

Who – People from 6 out of 7 Continents

Youngest Participant  – 16

Oldest Participant – 80




To protect the integrity and create safety in our Circle, and larger community as a whole, each participant in the Circle must follow, and agree to, the following Agreements:

  • Please keep everything you hear during the circle confidential. The topics discussed may be intimate and personal, therefore it is important to keep the safety of the container once the Circle has finished
  • Please do not share the names of the attendees of the Circle
  • If you are to share about your experience in the Circle, share about what YOU have learned or gained from the wisdom in the group, not about anyone else
  • During the Circle, if you are sharing an experience that involves another person that is OR is not present in the Circle, please keep that person nameless and only share details that you have CONSENT to share. This protects the integrity of the community as a whole.

Be completely present with your brothers/sisters. It is easy to get lost in your mind thinking about what you will share, however this is an opportunity for you to hold space for others in the circle and to gain wisdom from the people around you

Speak from the I. This is an opportunity for you to share from your heart, from a more vulnerable, deeper place rather than at surface level. Authentically showing up in Circle also means that you can decide not to share if that is what feels right for you.

  • We invite you to do your best to practise Acceptance.
  • We will be discussing topics that may be confronting and taboo, which may go against your values and potentially trigger you. If judgement does arise, please use this as an opportunity to be curious about your own triggers and where that comes from inside you. 
  • We also have a non-consensus agreement. This means that if two people have two opposing views on a situation, it is ok to disagree and to not try and change someone’s opinion.

Always ask permission when offering feedback, reflections or if you want to ask a question. We are not here to coach, counsel or advise others, unless requested. 

If online, camera must be on at all times

We accept if someone chooses not to share, however we ask that they communicate verbally their choice in any given moment

Abusive or aggressive behaviour is not tolerated

Our participants must not be at the effect of drugs or alcohol

“Saying words I never thought I’d share to another human let alone a group of almost strangers about my sexual abuse as a child, liberated some pieces of myself that I didn’t even know I had been hiding away for so long. The words spoken out loud gave me the freedom to own my truth more fully. To release the pain I had been holding and open up to so much more pleasure and expression in my whole life, as well as my sex life”. cum.what.may Member 2023


– A sense of belonging and understanding
– Reduced feelings of isolation
– Connection to community
– Stress reduction
– Release of shame
– Empowerment
– Courage and resilience
– Improved communication skills
– Coping strategies